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Insurance Guide

How to save on travel insurance?

Our comparison tool is specifically designed to provide you hassle free experience, making it simple and fast, just how you want it.

In short we help you find a better travel insurance plan that fits your budget and give you a better peace of mind while you are on your trip.

Travel insurance claim process

Take your important insurance documents with you while travelling. You need your policy number and contact details of the claims line while claiming your insurance abroad. Most insurer run a 24 hour emergency assistance service.

If you think you need to lodge a travel insurance claim, you should contact your insurer straightaway and give them some details of the incident.You will be the sent a claim form or you can download it form insurer’s website.There is often a deadline of 31 days, but it's always best to act promptly.Remember too that if you need medical treatment while you are abroad you might first need to seek authorization from your insurer.

Anyone who is a victim of theft or other crime while on holiday or business trip, should contact the police, preferably within 24 hours of the incident. They might not be able to catch the thief or recover the stolen goods, but your insurer will almost certainly request a police report or crime reference number to pursue a claim.

If your personal belongings are lost or stolen, you might need to provide receipts as proof of value and ownership.

Your policy will only pay up to a certain amount in the event of claim and it can vary according to the type of claim. If you injure yourself while drunk or engaging in a hazardous sport,you might not be covered.

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